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Gearing up!

Just added Some marvel goodies to the inventory page, took off some war stuff from the list as Ive graded and priced. I have a convention coming up here in town. The Steel City Nerd Con ( ) takes place September 28th, and Ive had some interest via instagram on the war stuff so Ive got some to show off now! (with a hell of a lot more to go!) I'm also gearing up to go out of town with the mrs the week of the event, so I'm going to be taking down the current Ebay Listings, and transferring them to the store page, and uploading a new batch of goodies! As a total aside Ive realized I have the full run of Tomb of Dracula, 1 - 70 ( yes, even number 10 ) Ive been debating sending some of the keys I have to CGC to get graded so I havent totally decided whether I'm going to move 1 - 70 complete or 1 - 70 minus number 10. First world problem, I suppose! Anywho, keep your eyes out I'm going to be uploading more to here!

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Store up!

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