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Store up!

Added the full run of Beware! The Claws of The Cat! AKA The Cat by Marvel. It was a 4 book mini published in the 70s. pretty neat addition to a collection if I must say so myself! Anywho, I will be uploading books to the Store for the next bit and figuring out how to link all that with facebook and instagram, so bear with me!

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Updated the inventory list. Thats it for the Marvel for right now, so onto DC now, which I have waaaaaay more of. Got back some slabs from CGC since last time, sold the Iron FIst 14, so congrats to

Steel City NerdCon, Redux

Well, I survived the Con, despite getting "mandible claw"ed (long story). Met a lot of great people and had a chance to chat and show off what Im offering. I brought a lot of sets anticipating not m

Gearing up!

Just added Some marvel goodies to the inventory page, took off some war stuff from the list as Ive graded and priced. I have a convention coming up here in town. The Steel City Nerd Con ( https://


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