This item is from Bronze Age (1970 – 1985) of comics.  It is has a High raw grade of :  9.4 Near Mint        

It has little to no wear.  Included are high resolution pictures meant to highlight why the item was given the grade it currently has.  Please consult the images included for inquiries about condition.

DC Stalker issue 1 ( July 1975 )

  • Raw grading is far from an exact science.  I have 10+ years experience in grading comic books, LPs, Figures, other forms of media, etc. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email.  I include high resolution pictures so you can see for yourself and agree / disagree with how I’ve come to my grade.  Returns will not be accepted due to a difference of opinion on a VF+ that you believe is a VF.  I grade reasonably and with the intention of getting books into the hands of people that want them.  I believe I price fairly using resources available to everyone, if you wish to make an offer on anything, I have paypal and an email : ; arrangements can be made on just about anything I have listed for sale, unless specified.

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